Boston Fermentation Festival 2017

I was thrilled to experience my first Boston Fermentation Festival on August 27th at the new Boston Public Market. This was an ideal location to attract many people and introduce and celebrate the fantastic world of fermentation.

I’m a huge fan of fermented food and beverages like kombucha, kraut and kimchi and I do try to incorporate them in my weekly meal plans. As someone with a huge interest in gut health, these foods provide some beneficial probiotics to my diet and also add great flavor.

What are probiotics?  I learned a ton from my favorite book of the summer “I Contain Multitudes” one being the power of beneficial bacteria for our bodies. The word probiotic actually means “for life.” Probiotics introduce live bacteria and yeast to our bodies to support health, especially for the digestive system. The World Health Organization classifies them as “live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.”


At the festival, you could sample various fermented products from 15+ vendors across New England, attend different speaker sessions and visit the science corner to learn more about the health benefits of fermentation.

Some of my favorite exhibitors at the festival included:

  1. Hosta Hill – We HAD to purchase a Gochu Curry Kraut from Hosta Hill but found it hard to pick just one when all their kraut flavors were absolutely delicious.
  2. Chi Kitchen – Chi’s vegan kimchi is one of our favorite kimchis and we were so excited to see them at the festival. When we lived in Providence, RI we frequently visited the Hope and Main Farmer’s Market in Warren, RI where Chi Kitchen was started.
  3. Maitland Mountain Farm – Besides their beautiful custom fermentation cart, their pickles were hard to stop eating. Our friends bought a jar and people stopped them to talk about the quality of Maitland picklers.
  4. Real Pickles – This was our first stop and we were not disappointed. We left with one of their turmeric krauts which was light, tasty and a very easy addition to any dish.
Successful purchases at the Boston Fermentation Festival

5. Evy Tea – One of the highlights was trying Evy Tea’s Fermentation Festival tea special for the day.  Every Evy Tea is delicious (I’m a HUGE fan of the hibiscus) but I hope this special becomes a classic at Evy’s two locations. If you haven’t tried Evy Tea yet, you can pick a bottle up at Whole Foods or at either of her two tea bar locations in Charlestown or Jamaica Plain.

Sorry, it was so good we had to drink some before we took a picture. 

Did anybody else attend the festival? What were your fermented highlights of the day?



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