Reliable Health and Wellness Resources Online

As I learn more about how our bodies work in my science classes, I evaluate the bloggers that I follow and the quality of the information they share. I appreciate the holistic side of healing and do think individuals without licensure do provide fantastic insight and tips on how to lead a well-balanced lifestyle. Nevertheless, some of my past favorite bloggers and podcasts often share information that is not backed by substantial evidence and can sometimes steer followers, readers and listeners in the wrong direction.

To counter this, I want to share five professionals that provide incredible lifestyle, recipe and nutrition education information on their sites, blogs or podcasts. These five individuals are absolutely worth a bookmark!

  1. Kate Scarlata – Kate is a registered and licensed dietitian based in Boston and is a FODMAP and IBS expert. As someone who wants to pursue nutrition and GI health, I am fascinated by the content Kate shares online. She shares Low FODMAP recipe inspiration, the latest learnings about this subset of dietetics and tips for those struggling to find a diet that works best with their gut. A bookmark MUST for (as Kate would say) anyone looking “for a digestive peace of mind.”
  2. Healthy Aperture – I recently discovered this site and love it for recipe inspiration. This site is an image-based recipe search tool that is actually curated and moderated by Registered Dietitians and focuses on healthy eating. It’s easy to get lost in the black hole of Pinterest as you often select a recipe that is completely unhealthy for you. This site inspires you in the kitchen and points you in the right direction to find a well-balanced meal idea.
  3. Diana Rodgers – Diana Rodgers is a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Massachusetts that not only promotes nutrient dense eating but also teaches her readers and podcast listeners all about Sustainable Nutrition and today’s food system. I listen to her podcast on my car ride to school and I have learned so much about nutrition, animal welfare, food policy and sustainability. Her passion for this field inspires me as a future professional and her content keeps me learning and questioning, which I think is important for all of us to do today.
  4. Kara Lydon – Kara Lydon is a Boston-based dietitian and yoga instructor. I love her content because she includes a more holistic approach to nutrition and talks about mind, body and spirit when improving your overall health. She also posts the most beautiful food photos!
  5. Kath Eats – Kath’s blog and story were actual parts of my journey when I was deciding to leave my career in Marketing to enter the dietetics world. I started to follow her blog and learned that Kath had a liberal arts degree and decided to also start from square one, follow her passion and become a registered dietitian. Kath also opened a bakery in the process and her story, tips and food photos are all so captivating, you feel like you know her and in turn, trust her. Thanks, Kath for your story and for helping me take my big step!

Happy reading and listening!



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