Twist Bakery & Cafe in Millis, MA

Whenever a blogger from a city like LA, NYC or Denver posts about one of their amazing vegan, raw, gluten-free, whatever eateries on Instagram, I am so jealous. We just don’t have many places like that here in Massachusetts but when I do find one and a GOOD ONE, I make sure to call attention to it.

The other day my husband was looking for a fun new place for us to stop and eat. He stumbled upon Twist Bakery and Cafe in Millis, MA which is a 20-minute drive for us. Twist Bakery and Cafe is basically a dream come true for me and I could never imagine finding this place in Millis. You can’t even find a place like this in Boston!

img_3467Just like our blog, Twist Bakery and Cafe’s food philosophy is that even if their ingredient list is limited their flavor is not. Everything on their menu is ALWAYS gluten-free, nut and peanut free. For all other products, they use colored markers to label if something contains a common food allergen like soy or dairy and they make a ton of things dairy-free. They also NEVER include corn syrup, hydrogenated fats and artificial colors so you don’t even have to think about that when you place an order. Their menu is full of sandwiches, salads,  snacks and baked goods

The philosophy sounded great but of course, a food taste was the ultimate test for the location. We split a Pulled Pork Cuban and a Meatball Sandwich (which I believe is seasonal so GO GO GO!) and both were heavenly. The bread they make is phenomenal and you would never know it’s gluten-free. They said that people apparently visit their from very far away to buy their breads and freeze so they can use it at anytime.  We were also able to  make both sandwiches dairy-free which was so helpful for us to share. We asked what vegan cheese they used in the sandwiches because we were so impressed by the taste and how well it melted. The manager said they used Daiya. It looks like they use a mix of Cheddar and American cheese in the sandwiches so that might be the secret to a better taste.

Meatball Sandwich from Twist Bakery & Cafe. Look at this picture! Tasted even better than it looked. This was definitely my favorite of the two. Gluten-Free Bread, Gluten-Free everything and vegan cheese. I would recommend the cole slaw side dish.
Pulled Pork Cuban Sandwich from Twist Bakery and Cafe with the chickpea salad side. The sandwich was incredible. 

The staff was wonderfully helpful and even though it was very busy in there they were patient and accommodating with everyone that had restrictions and wanted to clarify if different food items were free of a certain ingredients. I usually the annoying one so I was in good company 🙂

My favorite part about the whole experience was learning that they have been kicking butt running this place for five years! Talk about being ahead of your time!

Now can you open up about six more of these in Massachusetts, please?

Even if you don’t have food restrictions AT ALL, Twist Bakery & Cafe has really good food and pastries and they also cater events. Stop by and enjoy a delicious meal.






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